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Career Aptitude and Outlook Assessment (CAOA)

The Career Aptitude and Outlook Assessment is a unique program that provides a complete assessment of an individual’s skills, talents, and abilities (their aptitudes) to help them plan their career pathways and life purpose.

Why do we focus on aptitudes more than interests? Learn more here.

These assessments originated in 1918 and have been updated and refined for over 100 years. During that time, millions of people have used these assessments to find the careers that fit their God-given design. All types of careers, not just those that require going to college! Skilled trades (electrician, welder, EMT, cosmetology, aircraft mechanic), professional careers (doctor, lawyer, engineer), and more!


This online series of analyses and aptitude tests will reveal:

  • Which careers are best suited to the individual’s skills, interests, and aptitudes

  • The growth opportunities and long-term outlooks for each career

  • Expected salaries for each career field

  • Which schools and universities are best tailored to each specific goal


The Results:

  • Discover which viable and fulfilling professions best suit your strengths

  • Identify the top 3 professions that align directly with your individual skills and talents

  • Learn which pathways may not be as well-suited

  • Explore the educational and financial investments required for each career


How it Works:


Analyzing your results:

  • Your assessment will be carefully analyzed, using sound mathematical and comprehensive assessment tools, the product of over 100 years of experience and refinements

  • A senior analyst will meet with and review the results personally for 60 - 90 minutes, giving a detailed assessment of the highly individualized results

  • Our analyst will identify potential career pathways, classified according to the student’s results

  • Additional educational consultations available for more in-depth assessments

Watch this video about the assessment:

When you finish the assessment,
use the red button to schedule your comprehensive complementary results review!


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